SKY will be hosting a handful of fundraisers to help cover the costs of going to the Cheerleading Worlds in 2013.  Additional funds raised will go towards future out-of-state trips including the NCA All-Stars Nationals in Dallas, TX in 2014!  You can help these amazing athletes represent our community in these prestigious events through supporting their fundraising efforts.  Thank you in advance.

Each athlete has the opportunity to raise the expenses for her/him and a chaperone for the major out-of-state competitions (Worlds). Funds raised above that would go into the athletes personal SCV account for 2014.  If an athlete ages out the following year, he/she can designate a teammate to receive his/her extra funds.

General group funds raised – some fundraising will be individual – will go towards the team as a whole. Funds will be split evenly between the teammates after coaches fees are covered, BUT ONLY if each family contributes 10 hours towards team or individual fundraising efforts. Families track their own hours on an honor system.  Hours can be tracked here:


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