Worlds Day 1

Pics from Travel Day and Day 1 of Worlds 22013!IMG_8177 IMG_8224 IMG_8207 IMG_8178 IMG_8235 IMG_8255 IMG_8245 IMG_8242IMG_8173


SCV SKY Visits KHTS to Talk about Worlds

Three of the SCV SKY athletes (Baylee, Johan, and Emmi) talk about what it means to be an SCV All-Star, the Cheerleading Worlds Championships, and why they love cheer.


Jonah of SCV All Star's SKY

Jonah of SCV All Star’s SKY ready to rock the mic

Emmi, one of the youngest members of SKY, and Baylee, a veteran of the elite teams at SCV
Emmi, one of the youngest members of SKY, and Baylee, a veteran of the elite teams at SCV

Baylee, ready to go!

Baylee, ready to go!




We are off and running…

SKY needs your help to get to Worlds and represent SCV All-Stars! SKY 2012/2013 is just the beginning of what will be a great legacy of level 5 teams at SCV! SKY has formed partnerships with Project Kindle (a local nonprofit to act as their fiscal agent in addition to co-benefiting at Prom 2.0), Sparkle Bows, and KP Exclusive. The fundraisers are FUN and we hope you will find benefit in them, while benefitting SKY.

Personal Fundraising Page

Here is the link to setup your personal fundraising page. You can sign up as an individual or as a team (two or more of you together). I have not used the team aspect before, but I am sure it is great. Please let me know if you have any issues. I have heard from my staff that once you begin setup you will not want to walk away and try to finish later, so give yourself 20 minutes to really personalize your request. People will give if they understand what you are doing, why it matters to you, and why you need their help to make it possible. Upload a pic of yourself to add the personal touch. And DO NOT be afraid to ask everyone and anyone you know. Our summer staff counselors are always nervous making the ask, but are SO happily surprised at how much they can raise. Be Bold!!! You are helping them, help you make a “World” of difference!!!